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29 mars 2022

PARIS ARBITRATION WEEK | Webinar | Leynaud & Associés 

The session was moderated by Xavier LEYNAUD and the panel was composed of:

Robert D'ONOFRIO - Principal at Capital Project Management Inc; in New York, NY,USA

Marco LAURITA - International Legal Negotiator at TotalEnergies

James PERRY - Arbitrator, Expert, DB Fidic President List, PS Consulting, Paris, France

François VERMEILLE - Arbitrator, Expert, Mediator, FV-Consulting, Switzerland

"How a better representation of contractual relations can help to design better contracts"





Construction delays analysis are often viewed as unreliable, especially by civil law arbitrators because case law don't apply. Some solutions have been outlined to ease the process for arbitrators. Joint expert reports or “Hot tubing” can be used but they implied that partie's expert position are close. American industrie standard from ASCE can be used.

Some more hints in this webinar.


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