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Août 2019

Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED19), Delft, The Netherlands, 5-8 August 2019.

How a better understanding of relation can increase responsibility between stakeholders







Construction projects are complex and subject to a lot of conflicts. The misunderstanding between actors is one cause of these conflicts. To understand actor's interrelation is fundamental.

In this paper, we used FAcT Miror method to analyse the relation between the two main actors, Owner and Contractor. Based on the method we built a survey about Fears, Attractiveness and Temptations of treason of each actor, The Miror effect of the method allows us to evaluate what is the thought of an actor about the other and to measure differences between actors' thought on a specific aspect of the relation. Our results allow us to have a better understanding of the relation between Owners and Contractors on a construction project. Moreover, we point out specific aspects of the relation which need to be studied to improve the understanding.

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how a better understanding of relation can increase responsability between stakeholders
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